My Movie Pass Review – Real or Fake?

My Movie Pass Review – Real or Fake?


Hello everyone!

My name is Andy and thanks for checking out my website, here I’m going to give you an honest and unbiased review of My Movie Pass.

After buying the product myself I’m going to be finding out weather My Movie Pass is one of the top movie sites around that lets you watch unlimited movies whenever you want without the monthly fees.

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What is My Movie Pass?

My Movie Pass is an online movie website that lets you watch unlimited movies without the monthly fees.

 With just a one of payment My Movie Pass lets you download films online to watch whenever you want. Watching movies at home has never been easier with this unlimited movie pass. Watching films online is becoming more and more popular, My Movie Pass lets you watch full films online via download or you can choose to watch a film there and then.

With all kinds of genres ranging from action adventure, sci-fi, thriller, horror, animation, family, romance and much more, just find a movie and start watching. With thousands of titles to choose from and unlimited bandwidth this movie site seems to be offering everything all the big names offer and more.


What are the GOOD things about My Movie Pass?

-          It’s a very easy and straight forward setup, just enter your name and email to register and away you go

-          Easy to navigate site, no difficult settings to figure out, just choose a film and start watching

-          Unlimited access to all films, download or stream as many films as you wish with no extra charge

-          HD & HQ High quality available

-          No subscription fees ever

-          60 Day money back guarantee

What are the bad things about my movie pass?

-          Not an awful lot of big blockbuster films

-          Really does depend on your internet provider to weather you can stream films there and then without having problems with sound and picture

Overall, what do i think?

My Movie Pass in my opinion has been everything it has claimed to be, it boasts thousands of films to view via download or streaming with various categories to choose from.


With just a one off payment you really can download and view as many films as you choose with no extra cost. I have found My Movie Pass very entertaining and value for money, however if you are a movie fan that really likes the big blockbuster up to date films then this site may not be for you, but to be honest for a one off payment to download and watch as many films as you wish is really worth the buy.

So if you are a massive movie fan then I would definitely buy this product as there is always something to watch and at the end of the day if you are unhappy then you can always get your money back, so you’ve nothing to lose!


Hope my webpage has helped you,


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